Even if cancer remains a scary disease, it is treated much better. There are many reasons for this: more effective screening, better knowledge of risk factors, personalized, more precise, and less burdensome treatments. First of all, let's remember this figure: 40% of cancers would be preventable by modifying our behavior. Yes, but which ones? Is there really an anticancer diet? What role does the environment play in the appearance of certain cancers? These articles will help you disentangle the truth from the false. As we know, the earlier the tumor is detected, the greater the chances of recovery. So, which exams to do? what warning signs to spot? Certain cancers, such as breast or colon cancers, are the subject of organized screening. What are they? Answers on this topic. As for the more targeted treatments, they have fewer side effects and are more effective. Our experts present the major therapeutic advances here.

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