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Themelocal“, or is a stand-alone website, is an online platform, which has taken on the task of enriching content online, and attracting valuable and useful knowledge and information to share with its visitors. We use your data to provide and improve the service. By using this service, you agree to collect and use information in accordance with this policy. Unless otherwise specified in this privacy policy, the terms used in this privacy policy have the same meanings as in the terms and conditions.

We are happy to summarize our privacy policy as such:

First of all, we ask each new user of to carefully read and understand the provisions of this agreement before continuing with the registration process. This agreement is governed by the principles of good faith and online customs.

Second, you agree that your use of the website will be limited to lawful purposes, and that you will refrain from sending or distributing any material through this website that violates, violates the rights of others, limits or prevents their use of this website, or would involve an illegal order, threat, abuse or may in the case of the United States of the world, the United Nations is the only country that has been able to achieve the same standards of international law . Criminal and / or civil or in violation of any law.

Third, when you use you agree that you will never store any part of the website’s content for commercial purposes. However, it does allow you to store some of the website’s content for personal and fair use for non-profit educational purposes.

Fourth: reserves the right to modify these terms at will and without notice or warning to users of the website where you as a user of the website should always review these terms and abide by their content.

Fifth: It is forbidden to reprint, publish, distribute part or all of the content of the webwebsite, without the written consent of the Themelocal website, owner of this website.

Sixth: The “Themelocal” website and website logos are registered trademarks and all related rights are reserved and owned by Themelocal which owns this website. Third-party brands used on the website are the property of their respective owners.

Seventh: You expressly agree to use this website at your own risk, and you take all risks involved, and you agree that the Themelocal webwebsite, any of its board members, employees, agents , or persons providing the material on this website or those who authorize the website to use it or any of them make no warranty that service on this website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that any faults that may exist will be corrected, or that the location or means of delivery is free of viruses or software.

Eighth: The information you have provided will be stored in a secure and confidential environment where our employees and managers meet strict standards of compliance with this principle.

Ninth: maintains its subscriber sit-in data on highly effective operating devices, databases and protection systems, and you agree that the website retains your personal data for use by their respective departments. You agree that the website is in no way responsible for the leakage of part or all of the member’s data resulting (without limitation or restriction) of break-ins and vandalism by attackers and hackers on the Internet. You also agree that the website or any of the responsibilities is not responsible for any damage or loss of such data for any reason. You agree to enter your data on the website free of charge,

Tenth: or any person involved in the preparation, production or distribution of any material on this website will not be liable for any direct or indirect material or moral damage resulting from the use of this website or from the ‘inability to use it or any error, deletion or defect of this website or of The information it provides is incorrect or any consequence of such damage.

Eleventh: All intellectual property rights, including copyright, database rights, views and trademarks, can be found in the content of owned or licensed to the “Themelocal” or at The user acknowledges that all content and material available on this website are protected by intellectual property rights worldwide.

Twelfth. The use of the intellectual property rights described on the webwebsite is prohibited for purposes other than those which respect the terms of the agreement of and of knowledge in the present case and cannot therefore not be used or displayed for other purposes or for any reason whatsoever unless prior written permission has been obtained from the website “Themelocal”, or that you, in as a user, you are legally responsible for any violation or violation of any intellectual property right of the website “Themelocal” or

Thirteenth: You acknowledge as a user that the data you have provided to the website are correct and contain the address of your choice for the purpose of exchanging a notice or warning relating to your use of the website www and that the website and if it has the possibility and the right to do so, it does not verify the accuracy or validity of the website The information provided by you is in no way responsible for the direction of a third party.

Fourteenth: The “Themelocal” website, or uses advertising companies as a third party to display ads, and when you visit our website, these companies have the right to use information about your visits to them (except name, address, email address or phone number), in order to make announcements about goods and services of interest to you via the DART cookie notice that the use of the DART cookie may be prohibited if you want to click here .

If you would like to know the options available to you to prevent the use of this information by these companies and more information on the privacy policy of our technology, please read the following lines carefully: Life Our visitors’ privacy is of great importance to us, the privacy policy contained herein represents Describe the types of personal information we collect and how it is used by us and our advertisers.

  • We use Google Ads as an external financial provider, so Google uses cookies to display ads on our website.
  • Using the DART cookie, Google will be able to serve “interest” ads to users based on their visits to our websites.
  • Of course, our valued visitors can opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Privacy Policy for Google Ads and the Content Network.

Access files:

The website Themelocal Or uses the access file system. This includes intellectual property (addresses, browser type, ISP (ISP), date / time, and number of clicks to analyze trends). The personal affairs of visitors, but they are analytical with the aim of improving the quality of Google’s ads, and on top of that all this information stored by us is completely confidential, and remains within the scope of development and improvement from our website only. For files, even after you authorize and activate to take them from your device (cookies), we also do not consider ourselves responsible in any way for the illegal use of them if this occurs, God forbid. Privacy Policy for Google Ads and Content Network.

Cookies and network settings:

Google uses cookie technology to store information about the interests of visitors, as well as a special user record in which specific information about the pages viewed or viwebsited, and by this step we know the extent of the interests of visitors and one of the subjects most preferred by them so that we can develop Our service and knowledge content is suitable for them. In addition, some companies that advertise in our blog the complex software may look at cookies and network settings on our website and on your behalf, such as Google and Google AdSense, the leading advertising company on our website.

Of course, these advertisers, who are third parties to the privacy policy, track this data and statistics through Internet protocols with the aim of improving the quality of their ads and measuring their effectiveness. Under our agreements, these companies have the right to use technical means such as cookies, network settings and special software codes “Java Script”, for the same purposes mentioned above, which are to develop the content advertising of these companies and measure the effectiveness of these ads, without any other purposes may harm our visitors in one way or another.

Of course, you should consult the privacy policy of third parties in this document (Google AdSense) or ad network servers for more information on their various practices and activities to review the privacy policy of the first adware program in the software complex Google. Google AdSense, please click here , we are obligated under this agreement to show you how to disable the cookie slot, as you can do through your browser options, or by following the Google Ads privacy policy and the content network.